Revolutionizing Loyalty with Decentralized Rewards


Welcome to the future of loyalty programs. At Monet, we're pioneering a new era of rewards using blockchain technology. Our innovative solution empowers businesses and delights customers with decentralized $POINTS – the currency of interoperable rewards.

By seamlessly integrating with major retail players, we bring unparalleled benefits to both businesses and consumers. Our AI-driven recommendations ensure that every reward is optimized for maximum utility, tailored to meet the unique needs of each user.

What are we building?

Decentralized $Points

Say goodbye to limited rewards. $POINTS are the digital currency of choice, designed for seamless use across a diverse range of businesses and platforms. Whether you're shopping, dining, or exploring, your rewards travel with you, unlocking endless possibilities.

L2 Roll-Up Chain

Our platform operates on an L2 roll-up chain, ensuring lightning-fast transactions and scalable rewards distribution. With our cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy the benefits of blockchain without the wait, making every interaction smooth and effortless.

Oracles and Smart Contracts

Connecting the worlds of traditional retail and web3, our Oracles make it easy for businesses to join the decentralized revolution. Smart contracts ensure secure transactions, while Oracles bridge the gap, bringing the power of blockchain rewards to your favorite stores.

AI-Based Recommendations

Personalized rewards, just for you. Our AI algorithms analyze your preferences and behavior to recommend the perfect rewards. Whether it's a discount on your favorite product or an exclusive offer, our platform ensures you get the most value from your rewards.

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